Friday, October 15, 2021

WHiggins - Filip Cervenka - Massage - 28-10-2012


Filip Cervenka is a very hot guy, and we have quickly done a few scenes with him. In this massage we find him in just his underwear, posing for the camera. Then he removes the undies and shows himself off completely before climbing onto the massage table. The masseur arrives and gets right to work. Covering Filip's ass with a towel he takes some oil and works on Flip's back, climbing onto the table and straddling Filip's legs to get better traction as he massages. Then it is down to the legs and feet to work on those. Filip has nice hairy legs and the oil makes them glisten. Once done the masseur turns his attention to Filips ass, with its dark hairy crack. He massages the ass, spreading the cheeks nicely. Then he runs his arm along the crack to get a feel on Filip' cock. Filip moves up onto his knees so that his ass is nicely available. The masseur reaches for Filip's cock and gets him nice and hard, pulling it back between his legs. Then it is time to try a vibrator which ! Filip takes very well, so a thicker one takes it place and also slips in very nicely. Filip then turns over for a nice relaxing wank to finish off his very nice scene.
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